HANDS-ON interim management

Expertise ad interim to companies

The goal of a company is always the same: to achieve results on all levels. This is a simplification, but it usually comes down to that. To achieve this, we must work effectively and innovatively in times of disruption, in order to stay ahead of a profound organizational destabilization. In this context, the interim manager appears on the scene.

Interim managers are currently being strategically hired, in both small and large companies. Often this is not only to implement a reorganization or to absorb an economic downturn, but rather a positive decision and a conscious choice in the resource planning of organizations. Speed ​​is a decisive factor in this increasingly complex world. As a result, companies sometimes have a temporary need for a direct injection of specialized knowledge to ensure the continuity of the company.

The causes are many: exceptional peaks in the work volume, a vacancy that cannot be filled and threatens to leave a department or the company without management, the sudden departure of a core employee, limited expertise in certain areas, and so on. Companies often have these abrupt gaps filled in temporarily by an IM that can adapt very quickly and achieve results. We shouldn’t forget that an interim manager consciously chooses to face challenges and to offer solutions in the short term that also have a positive impact in the long term. It's in his DNA.

An IM can also be used for project management, with a clearly predetermined goal and time frame. This brings specific projects to a successful conclusion and thus accelerates the growth of the company. The immediate benefits of this option are a direct input of knowledge and quality, greater flexibility and higher (cost) efficiency.

It may also be that the executives are simply looking for the objective perspective of an interim manager, without prejudice about past and present problems. In any case, an impartial view from the outside has a clarifying effect and initiates the lateral thinking of the organization. In many family businesses, but also in others, factuality and objectivity often seem to be lost. When a company is faced with extraordinary circumstances, challenges or opportunities, external expertise is not only useful, but rather essential for further growth. That is why an increasing amount of organizations strategically and consciously opt for an interim manager.

Everything is constantly evolving. Your company operates in market conditions that are constantly changing and is regularly exposed to internal reforms that will, from time to time, require an extraordinary approach. Those who only adapt, merely survive. Those who see change as an opportunity, will flourish.

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